Set up against the mountain, is the Dwarf mining capital of Mountain Helm.  A peaceful establishment until one day, word of terrible creatures coming from an old abandoned mine came back to town.  Two heroes were found to help save the day, the halfling druid Winna Hillsong, and the half-orc clerik Terr Ask.  After driving back the foul intruders, who were discovered to be troglodyte zombies, an ancient legend was recalled of an evil talisman that had been stored there for centuries until a wizard named Archemis and a half-dragon sorcerer named Skozk Voldezk paired up to recover it, fighting through the then-living troglodytes that had treasured this particular talisman.

After finding the artifact, Skozk's intentions became known.  He wanted it for himself, to increase his power in order to rule the land as he would.  He and Archemis dueled over this, Archemis only hoping to stop this great evil from overtaking the land and Skozk either corrupted by this talisman or having revealed his ultimate intentions.  In the end, Archemis was defeated, but managed to imprison Skozk Voldezk in the underground cavern with a powerful imprisoning spell.

Apparently, the spell had worn off 100 years later when Skozk and his zombified troglodytes came forth.  Skozk escaped, presumably to one of his various strongholds scattered throughout the land.  Winna and Terr, now joined by the dwarf warrior Thorik Hammerfell, have set out in hopes of stopping Skozk before he is fully able to enact his terrible plan to become the dark ruler of all the world.

Rise of Darkness